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Alana Doyle

I am an English language communication specialist.
My educational and professional back ground experience encompasses English, theatre, visual art and creative writing. In my capacity as a teacher in the artistic domain, I have also conducted workshops for specialists with vocations in teaching, social work and community work; and to students in all streams. My experiences with directing and training actors has had a significant influence on my overall approach to coaching-editing writers, and teaching English; especially in understanding the innate elements that drive communication.

In my capacity as an editor and as a writing coach, I work with diverse professionals; with Business people, physicists and sociologists, psychologists, and creative writers, editing their text, also assisting them to produce articles, PhD theses, business proposals and communications. Connections can be and are made across a spectrum of professions, when the message is honed; crystal clear. This service is also very useful for people whose second language is English.

I also teach (spoken and written) English communication skills, with a focus on how to use verbs in context of the message so that it is easy to understand. English has an inherent quality built into it that calls for a “less is more” approach. It is so easy to eclipse the significance of a text with too many words. Teaching English as a second language provided me with an opportunity to revisit the structure, and to gain new perspective on how the grammar works inherently to convey a message. I taught at language schools in Montreal: The Berlitz International School of language, Converlang, Post Modern Language School, and L’Académie Linguistique Charlemagne. I then created an ESL program for adults, integrating my theatre experiences, to help facilitate dynamic, intuitive learning.

Communication and making sense of the English language is at the heart of each discipline with which I have worked. The message evolves by connecting the dots between ideas, within a context and sense of dialogue with your target audience. This is the challenge. It keeps me open. That sense of dialogue creates the underlying story line that is intrinsic to an idea so that it can be understood. I approach English as a visual language; carving out what is superfluous so that the message materializes. Words only come to life in the context of communication.

La formation d’Alana à ceci de particulier qu’elle explore des avenues différentes. Innovatrice, sa méthode est à la fois amusante et interactive.


She is an exceptional director. She has the ability to work intuitively and to crystallize connections which emerge in the work, without compromising the integrity of the artist’s original idea.


As artist in residence Alana truly inspired participants to take risks with ideas, images and materials. Alana develops vital links between her life and her art.


Alana showed extraordinary creativity in exploiting scarce resources to maximum theatrical effect. She showed an ability to lead in an unobtrusive way, and working towards a demanding production goal


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