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“Don’t write so that you are understood, but so that you are not misunderstood.”

Howard Taft

English Language Editing and Writing Coach Services:

  • Academic and Literary Writing
  • Masters and PhD theses
  • Articles
  • Business Communication

In my capacity as WRITING COACH:

My area of expertise lies in the ability to help you hone a message, while preserving your own unique voice.

As a writing coach, I will help you to develop your text, remove the clutter, explore and perfect your use of vocabulary so that the text flows, moreover, that the layers within your concept and ideas come across. Initially, I do a first level edit of the text. We will meet weekly/bi-weekly to discuss your work; identify the problematic areas, not just with the language, but with the development of your concept, content, ideas, in order to finally, crystallize the message.

As well as meeting once or twice a week, I will work with you on line, keeping up with your production, revising and editing the text; rewrite certain weak areas of your current draft, for you to consider, either to perfect your use of the language or help solve composition problems that we will verify during our meetings together.

One of the first steps in our work together, is to make sure that you recognize, and validate your particular ‘voice’. This is vital to the writing, whether it is academic or creative. The’ voice’ gives your text the particular tone that is essential in your ability to express a message in a way that generates understanding between you and your reader.

During our meetings, you will also explore aural presentations of your work, to help validate your content and message. These presentations will bring up questions that have not been answered, help you to identify the areas of the text that need to be clarified, developed further. It is important to tell the whole story. The key to written communication, is in the telling of the story, whether you are explaining a theory or creating a literary piece. Often, a text will not read, because the story line, facts or events have not all been stated, and put in order of importance, creating gaps in the ideas, and even flow of the language. I will also guide you in a process of exploring vocabulary, especially with your use of action words, verbs. When there are blocks in your writing process, the verb you have used will most often be the source of the problem, which is where the essential message originates.

My role is also to provide instruction on areas of your writing that can be solved by revisiting, clarifying grammar issues in the context of how the English Grammar works organically to help keep the writing inherent, and on track.

In my capacity as EDITOR:

My role is to verify that your writing is clear; to discern any critical issues with the direction and flow of your text, and ensure that the final draft is to your complete satisfaction. At the outset, it is my job to verify your content and message with you, and be assured that I understand it well; to ensure that it is structurally accurate, that the language flows, that the ideas are complete and that your message is evident, and that the grammar and punctuation have been used accurately.

Travailler avec Alana permet beaucoup plus que de parfaire des textes: son maniement de la langue et son esprit de synthèse nous poussent à réfléchir davantage sur l’essence même de nos idées.


Ses questions précises et ses commentaires sur le texte m’ont encouragé à clarifier mes idées, puis ses suggestions qui donnaient toujours plus de vie à mon écriture, ont contribué au résultat d’un texte impeccable, capable de rendre compte tant de la complexité que de la quotidienneté de ce dont je traitais dans mon texte.


Her guidance, and especially her command of the language, helped expedite the demanding writing and production goals I was facing.


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