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“Appearance blinds whereas words reveal.”

Oscar Wilde

Welcome to the Communication Laboratory. Explore effective spoken and written communication Skills

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This workshop will serve as a laboratory for exploring and experimenting with language, developing text, to improve your style of communication, give you greater insight into your thinking process and ways of expressing ideas. Bring text that you are working on, which you would like to expand and improve upon: presentations, theses, creative writing (poems, short stories)…

The process is centered on communication, how to use the English language effectively in order to speak and write more purposefully. You will analyze and process ideas, resolve any structural or compositional problems in your spoken and written presentations, work with creative logic, in order to expand upon your concepts and deliver “transparent messages.

Technical Training:

You will work with exercises on the essential structural elements of composition; the choice of verbs which drive the message, use of analogies and metaphors, and complex and compound sentences. As you begin to understand and to perfect these skills, your expression will become more fluid, easy to understand; which will impact your ability to reach a wider audience.

I was truly excited by Alana’s approach to the creative process and with her unique and intuitive skills in language arts. I was able to tap into areas of my writing that had eluded me.


Alana listened with a curiosity and openness that allowed me to stretch my thinking on the book I am writing. I loved the writing exercises she offered. They were intriguing and led to more clarity on the subject and subtleties of my book project.


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